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Company Location Oxford, United Kingdom
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Sector Software & Computer Services
Short description Digital product strategy, design and build
Company specialisms Business consulting, Content management, Content strategy, Digital health, Digital strategy, Graphic design, Mobile, Product design, Product strategy, Software, Tech startups, Training, User experience design, Web design, Web development
Telephone 01865 920707
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White October are a digital agency that works unusually closely with clients to turn their ideas into innovative, successful digital products.  We help them to invent, design, build, test and refine new online products.

We are proof that you can be digital experts and good communicators at the same time.  We give our customers sensible, jargon-free advice, caring about how to deliver the best solution – not the most expensive one.

Our services include:

  • Digital product development strategy.
  • Web & mobile application development
  • Database applications
  • Website design
  • User experience design

Our unique development process conserves budgets and delivers measurable success, focusing customers’ investment on a critical path to quickly and safely bring their product to market.

Our expert team of 30 software developers and user experience designers has been based in Oxford for the last ten years, and has established itself as a leading agency in the region.

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