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Company Location Oxford, United Kingdom
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Sector Health
Short description A platform for clinician-to-clinician communication
Company specialisms Digital health, Tech startups

Consultant Connect is a small startup making the NHS work better. We're a nimble team that built a platform to solve an important problem for doctors: getting a hold of other doctors.

More specifically, our platform enables a GP to get specialist advice from a local consultant immediately. Previously, the GP would write a referral letter (yes a physical letter!) or waste the better part of their lunch hour, on-hold with a hospital switchboard.

Now because of us, they can speak to a consultant immediately, often while the patient is still there. The majority of the time, this saves the patient making a trip to the hospital. The patient gets faster care. Doctors save time. The NHS saves money. Everyone's a winner.

With our system already covering 15% of the UK since launching last summer, we're growing the team to do more cool sh**.

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