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Company Location Oxford, United Kingdom
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Sector Finance
Short description Ethex is an award winning, not for profit, positive investment platform and we've raised over £60m investment in the last 4 years.
Company specialisms Digital marketing, Marketing, Product design
Telephone 01865 403 304
Twitter handle ethexuk

Ethex’s mission is to help millions of everyday people invest directly into businesses that are committed to making positive change in the world.

Making positive choices with your money is one of the powerful ways of enabling positive change in the world. Through your investment, Ethex helps businesses do great things like building new renewable energy schemes, providing more social and affordable housing, creating sustainable food and agriculture schemes and enabling fair trade. This means you get to feel good about what your money is doing as well as get a financial return.

The Ethex website brings together a wide selection of great businesses to makes it easy to find positive investments that speak to you.

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