Account Manager

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Location Kidlington
Date Posted 25th September 2017
Category Client services
Job Type Full-time
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Account Managers have the most difficult job, don’t they? You spend your time building relationships with clients, understanding their goals (both functional and emotional) and trying to distill all of this down into a SMART goal.

You then have to communicate with a Project Manager and wider team of specialists to generate creative ideas that achieves this goal within the budget and timeframe limitations. After you gather all of this information, you then have to package it up into a set of recommendations that you take to the client with a red ribbon tied around it.

They agree, and now it’s up to you to manage the relationship. You’ll share a lot of laughs, occasional outbursts, and you’ll do all of this at one hundred miles an hour with a permanent smile on your face. Why? Because you see things through. You know everything about the client, their business, and their plans. You see opportunities where you and your team can help. You never over-promise and undersell. You never let people down. You take the knocks, and revel in the glory.

We’re looking for someone like you to take on the role of Account Manager within our fast-paced agency. You will need to be confident, proactive, enthusiastic, highly-organised, resilient and persistent.

Are you up to the challenge?

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