Freelance English Content Writer

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Location Remote
Date Posted 24th February 2020
Category Creative
Job Type Freelance
Expiration Date 2020-03-24


As our English Content Writer dedicated to our European market, you will be mostly, but not only, contributing to Redshift which is Autodesk’s premier owned-media channel and storytelling destination for the future of making. Redshift seeks to inspire and engage professionals in construction, manufacturing, architecture, and infrastructure, attracting both established customers and prospects interested in technology, innovation, and industry trends. Whether Redshift readers are entry-level engineers or C-suite executives, Redshift aims to surprise, intrigue, and inform them through well-researched, expertly reported, and provocative written and visual storytelling.  


Redshift content falls into three overarching categories, usually featuring an Autodesk customer in some capacity: insight (industry trends, new tools or technologies, thought leadership, data-based research), impact (sustainability, stories about solving social and environmental problems), and advice (tips on how to win business, save time or money, build efficiencies, avoid disruption, etc.). 


As a Content Writer, you bring a strong background in journalism, interviewing, and long-form content writing, ensuring your articles are:

  • Conversational yet authoritative: Your content should be easily digestible by a broad audience, as well as smart and trustworthy. You quote respectable subject-matter experts and substantiate claims with reputable sources. You skip marketing jargon and industry lingo.  
  • Provocative yet believable: No clickbait! Your content should lure in readers—whether through an element of surprise or inspiration—but not overpromise.  
  • Informative, inspirational, and/or beneficial: Your articles should appeal to readers’ intellect, emotions, and business needs. They should feel like they learned something new.  
  • Not all about Autodesk: Redshift stories are about customers, technologies, and industry trends, not Autodesk. Although it’s good to mention Autodesk products, articles focus on the challenges, solutions, innovations, trials, and triumphs of making better products, buildings, and cities.  
  • Always clear, sometimes clever: Clarity always wins over a clever turn of phrase. But it’s also okay to have some fun and include levity where appropriate.  
  • Always specific, never vague: Concrete examples explain the narrative, illustrate points, and help readers visualize what you’re saying. “Show, don’t tell” through your writing so that readers can grasp what they’re learning.  
  • Diverse and inclusive: Your articles should speak to people of all backgrounds and affiliations. Articles should not take a particular political or religious stance but should allow for open communication of ideas through balanced and fair reporting. 


Specifically, your duties include:

  • Interviewing sources primarily by phone, with occasional email interviews as necessary 
  • Writing prose articles of 800–1,200 words max; Q&As are not acceptable unless previously agreed to with assigning editor 
  • Including quotes from interview subjects and links from reputable sources that support all claims and data 
  • Turning in all assignments on time, with full names and email addresses of anyone interviewed 
  • Adhering to established Redshift guidelines for tone, voice, grammar, and style 
  • Communicating with editor and producing multiple drafts as needed 
  • Requesting images from interview sources 


If you are interested, thank you for sending your resume along with samples of your work to
Subject line: Application for the position of English Content Writer via D.O.