Operations Developer

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Location Oxford
Date Posted 17th April 2018
Category Technical
Job Type Full-time
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We run a communication platform for clinicians to improve patient care.

We’re a young health-tech company that runs a platform for clinician-to-clinician communication. Based in the centre of Oxford, our platform is being adopted across the UK. In just a couple of years, our coverage has grown to over 20% of the UK population - and it continues to increase.

Our platform enables clinicians to speak to other clinicians quickly, so that they can deliver the right care to patients at the right time. Our first product enables GPs to speak to specialists immediately, thereby speeding up patient care and reducing avoidable referrals. Our second major product is PhotoSAF, which enables clinicians to safely take clinical photos and share them for advice. With more products on our roadmap, we’re looking to grow the team.


We're looking for a new member for the Product Development Team.

The Product Development Team at Consultant Connect is just three people and we're now looking for our fourth. We're small, nimble, have a dry sense of humour and care about coffee too much. Having an impact on our customers matters to us, which means we’re not just technical. We care a lot about user experience and interfaces, analytics, operations and customer service. We believe that by developing high quality products for clinicians, we can make a difference to patient care and the NHS.

The role we’re looking to fill is Operations Developer, which is a new role for the team. You would be responsible for 3 main areas.

  1. Handle user issues: this starts with being the point person for investigating issues and replying to them. It goes all the way through to designing and building solutions to solve the biggest issues.
  2. Support the operations teams: be the point person for queries or issues raised by the ops team and maintain-and-upgrade tools used by the ops team. This also includes writing and running of reports.
  3. Maintain-and-upgrade existing products: work on fixes and upgrades of our existing products, ensuring that they continue to evolve with our users’ needs.

You would essentially be a developer who has a very granular understanding of our users and staff users - and then uses this understanding to design-and-build improvements.

Keep in mind that like every role at Consultant Connect, it’s a varied role. You won’t be writing code all day. You’ll also be in discussions with colleagues and users, designing solutions to different issues, doing analysis, etc. We’re a dynamic team and a dynamic company.


Why join us?

  1. You’ll go home at the end of each sprint feeling like you’ve achieved something. We focus on outcomes, rather than process and documentation.
  2. We’re taking on serious challenges in the realm of clinician communication. Given the track record of our team, we’re going to be the ones that solve them.
  3. Your role will matter. We’re not a huge department. We’re 3 people and you’ll be the 4th.

As FYI, how we develop: agile, Python, Django, Angular, AWS, Github, Slack, Trello.

We’re also profitable, so not at risk of disappearing overnight.

Are you the right person?

  • You care a lot about whether people use and love your product or not
  • At least 1 year as a professional developer
  • Some projects (either from day job, studies or side projects) that you could talk through clearly from original design through go-live
  • You know when to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)
  • Demonstrated ability to dive into the deep end and come out swimming. In other words, you can learn and adapt fast, because as a company, we're breaking new ground!
  • Ability to work in Oxford. The office is in the centre of Oxford close to the train station and main bus stops