Technical Researcher

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Location Oxford
Date Posted 2nd March 2015
Category Research
Job Type Freelance
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Primary Care Education International (PCEI) is a new organization that develops, distributes and supports the use of healthcare guidelines in situations where professional access to information and expertise is limited, particularly in regard to non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

This work builds on the work of GP Update, one of the UK’s best-respected providers of continuing medical education and guidelines, who are now working internationally on a not-for-profit (social enterprise) basis. PCEI has been set up with financial and intellectual support from GP Update.

PCEI recognize that the circumstances in which healthcare professionals operate in low-income contexts may be quite different from those found in the UK. Standard delivery of guidelines in paper format, with face-to-face training may not be the most appropriate method of guideline delivery for the range of situations that PCEI are likely to face. Consequently, PCEI has identified a need to explore technology options that better meet the needs for delivering and maintaining relevant guidelines and training for healthcare professionals. Such a technology solution is likely to include the following capabilities:

  1. Effective multilingual guideline content delivery, with localisation
  2. Continuing medical education and professional development
  3. Communication facilities across healthcare providers
  4. Informing patients and equipping them to self-manage
  5. Measuring the impact of interventions


PCEI are aware that technology solutions are likely to exist already for these components and are unwilling to reinvent existing solutions if possible. PCEI are therefore seeking to identify a technical researcher to map out the current technology landscape, in order to identify existing technologies and organisations. The researcher would recommend to PCEI which organisations they should consider partnering or collaborating with, and what elements of the technology should be developed as bespoke products. The researcher would be expected to have the following skills and experience:

  • Capability of researching and evaluating alternative technologies, including software, hardware, networking, etc.
  • Ideally, prior knowledge and relationships with existing potential technology providers.
  • Knowledge of and access to technologies in a range of healthcare environments in African countries (initial focus for PCEI)
  • Ideally, prior knowledge and experience of Learning Management Systems.
  • Experience in writing relevant reports and making recommendations, and experience of developing technology procurement strategies
  • Knowledge of technologies in healthcare is not strictly necessary (but may be helpful), since it is possible we would seek solutions outside of healthcare

It is anticipated that the technical researcher will engage in desk research to identify key players in the technology markets, engage directly with potential partner organisations to assess the feasibility for partnership, and write a report with recommendations for a technology partnership and development strategy for PCEI.